Making internal communication easy

Motial offers a cloud based internal video sharing platform, ideal to share best practices, optimize internal communications and improve employee engagement. We enable employees in any organization to share and watch videos internally in a simple, secure way, anywhere, anytime and on any device. 

"Finally there is an easy to use tool that enables video sharing for our company"
"They do what they promise and their support is great, what do you want more?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns my data?

You do! It's your data after all!

What makes Motial different from other video services?

Other video services focus on showing video's everywhere. We believe that there is huge potential in using video more in the day-to-day work flow of businesses. They just need a platform to share those video's without worrying about the contents of it. That's why we created Motial

What can Motial do?

In short: Motial enables you to add & watch video's. Next to that we enable users and administrations to help them in their day-to-day work. Watch the features section to discover all the awesomeness Motial can offer you.